High-quality products are the bridge to the world

Hangzhou Link Chain Machinery Co Ltd is a specialist company manufacturing YongGu  Automatic Chain Equipments. Since the company’s   establishment more than 20 years ago,  we have been developing advanced machinery include automatic bending machine,automatic welding machine, automatic chain calibrating machine, semi-automatic chain  industry pulling machine equipments range from φ3mm to φ25mm.
We pride ourselves as  a market leader through the consistently high quality and excellent production efficiency of  our products. From our own Chain factory, we provide a range of high-quality Chain products.

We follow the strict ISO 9001 Standard in every single step of our manufacturing process,  from the raw material to the finishing products. We also provide the best customer service  to ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

We have focused on link chain making equipments for many years and some products have been  soldto Mexico, India,Brazil, Russia, Japan, Turkey, South Africa etc.